Impact of Gaming in Nevada

The Economic Contributions of the Gaming and Resort Industry are Second to None

The tourism industry was responsible for over $90 billion in total economic output during 2022. Although employment in the industry is still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry was responsible for supporting over 385,000 jobs and more than $21 billion in wages and salaries. Overall, the tourism industry's impact is roughly 43 percent of the state's total gross domestic product, 23 percent of the state's total wages and salaries and 27 percent of the state's employment.

The gaming and resort industry is Nevada's most vital sector, supporting more jobs, paying more wages and salaries and generating more economic output than any other sector.

Total Economic Impact

$90.7 B

Economic Impact

43% of state's total gross domestic product

$21.4 B

Wage Impact

23% of state's total wages and salaries

386.2 K

Job Impact

27% of state's total employees

The Leisure & Hospitality Industry is the Largest Employer in Nevada

The leisure and hospitality sector directly employs 330,000 people. While the overall count of employees is still down from pre-pandemic levels, recovery is expected to continue.

Nevada Employment Distribution

Fiscal Year 2022

The Ripple Effect of Employment Through Other Industries is Impressive

The tourism industry's reach extends into other sectors of the economy, ranging from professional and business service employees to transportation providers.

Resorts Spend More on Health Insurance Than Any Other Industry in Nevada

The tourism industry is responsible for not only the largest number of employees in the state, but it also insures the largest number of employees in Nevada. Overall, the leisure and hospitality sector spends more than $4,000 per employee annually on health insurance.

Total Payroll Expenses

$5.3 B

Total Payroll Wages and Salaries

78.6% of payroll expenses

$1.4 B

Total Payroll Employee Benefits

21.4% of payroll expenses

Resorts Continue to Become Less Dependent on Gaming

Gaming revenues are at an all-time high in Nevada; continuing this pace appears unsustainable as stimulus funding subsides and economic concerns loom on the horizon. Nevada experienced the largest increase in gaming revenue in history, reaching a historical peak of $14.6 billion in fiscal year 2022.

Despite impressive activity, resorts are less dependent on gaming than a decade ago. Although gaming revenues trended north in 2022, the industry itself continues to diversify, offering a wider range of amenities and experiences for consumers.

Gaming Revenue as a Share of Total Revenue

$14.6 B

Gaming Revenue


Share of Total Revenue

Tourism's Rebound is Accelerating the State's Broader Economic Recovery

Despite overall visitation lagging pre-pandemic levels, Nevada is experiencing all-time highs in terms of airport passenger volumes, average daily room rates and consumer spending.

All-Time Highs During the Recovery

LAS Airport Passenger Volume

Average Daily Room Rates

Visitor Spending

The Resort Industry Funds More Public Services Than Any Other Industry in Nevada

The tourism industry is responsible for roughly $2.1 billion in industry-specific taxes and fees that support state and local governments.

Industry Impact on State General Fund

$5.4 B

Total General Fund Tax Revenue

$1.9 B

Hotel-Casino Industry Contributions


Hotel-Casino Industry Share of Total

The Industry's Contributions Ensure a Low-Cost Operating Environment for All

Nevada residents benefit from the tourism industry and its fiscal contributions by reducing each household's tax burden by approximately $2,700.

Although visitors contribute substantially to Nevada's overall public funding, they do not require the same resources as full-time residents.

Tax Burden Reduction
$1,018 Per Person
$1,295 Per Adult
$2,658 Per Household

The Resort Industry is Responsible for Nearly $23B of Capital Investments on the Horizon

Southern Nevada has $20 billion of tourism-related investments either planned or under construction, and Northern Nevada plans to invest an additional $3 billion. New investments help to stabilize the economy and create jobs.

Nevada's Tourism Development Pipeline

$22.6 B

Planned and Under Construction Tourism Investment Expenditures


Planned and Under Construction Tourism Investment Projects


Share of Projects Located in Las Vegas