Making an Impact in Our Local Community

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Nevada Resort Association Corporate Social Responsibility Coalition

The Resort Association established its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Coalition in 2019 to work collaboratively as an industry on shared priorities to make a collective and lasting impact in Nevada. In addition to Association members, the CSR Coalition includes gaming equipment manufacturers – Aristocrat and Light & Wonder. The CSR Coalition meets monthly to hear from nonprofit leaders and to work collectively on solutions to the biggest societal challenges facing our community. Consisting of individuals working in our members' the philanthropy, diversity, equity and inclusion and environmental sustainability departments, the CSR Coalition has identified three key focus areas and established working groups dedicated to these core areas: Ending human trafficking; addressing critical needs in the community such as food insecurity and homelessness; and expanding environment sustainability programs and practices.

Working Group Highlights

  • Anti-Human Trafficking Working Group: Members collaborate with each other, law enforcement and nonprofits to share timely information on traffickers and missing individuals across the resort industry. The group also works to bring more awareness of trafficking across the resort industry and to the community at-large. In September 2023, the group organized the inaugural Human Trafficking Education and Awareness Summit for Association members. For the past four years (2021-2024), the Anti-Trafficking Working Group has cohosted a statewide virtual training for the resort industry with Truckers Against Trafficking during National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In addition, the members worked with Signs of Hope's RISE program and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to develop best practices trauma informed/victim-centered response to potential victims of human trafficking identified on hotel/resort properties.
  • Environmental Sustainability Working Group: Through close collaboration, members have developed best practices in food donation programs for the resort industry and continue to identify emerging technology and methods that help resorts meet their stated environmental goals in water conversation, energy reduction and waste diversion.
  • Critical Needs Working Group: The group closely worked together during the pandemic to identify and assist with fast-moving critical needs in the community, including donations of food, critical PPE and other much needed items. In 2019, members teamed up to support Project Homeless Connect as an industry. Much of the group's work involves taking a closer look at issues coming before the CSR Coalition, working on possibilities and reporting back to the Coalition for possible action.